Areas of practice

I advise, represent and help freelancers, agencies, designers, musicians, artists, start-ups, creatives and all those who create new things - together we will find the legal framework for your creativity.


Sportscars, energy drinks, painkillers, handkerchief – brands are often better known than their company and inventor.

I help you with the development and registration of your trademark. And if someone infringes your trademark rights, we can do something about it.


From Dürer’s privilege to article 13 – creators and their work have a special relationship.

I will gladly explain to you which rights creators have (and how to make money with them).


Is this just a post or already advertising?

Even if you are the president of the USA, there are rules to comply on social media. I help you to keep an unfiltered overview – from suspended accounts to influencer-contracts.


Life is unfair – competition should not be.

Advertising is the subject to a multitude of legal requirements. With good advice you can ensure that your website, slogans and claims are legally compliant. And if your competitors play unfairly, remind them of the rules.


Good design is timeless.

But a design which is not registered, is only protected for three years. In order to protect your design longer, I help you register it at the DPMA and EUIPO.


Contracts, general terms and conditions, agreements, licenses – you can do much cooler things with paper.

To make sure you have time for that, I’ll take care of the paperwork.


Reach out

We get in touch and find the solution to your Problem.

Agree on costs

The costs are clarified transparently in advance. Whether hourly rate, flat rate or statutory fees.

Send in documents

Send the necessary papers and documents - digital or analogue.

Have time for the essential things in life again


Live out your creativity...

…I’ll take care of your legal affairs. If you have legal problems you can ask Google – or a professional.
Get in touch with me, together we can work it out.


I have been a lawyer since 2014. Prior to my Düsseldorf based law firm, I worked for several years as a freelancer and employed attorney for law firms specializing in intellectual property and copyright law.

Specialist Lawyer for intellectual property rights

Because of my theoretical and practical experience, the Düsseldorf Bar Association has granted me permission to call myself a „Specialist Lawyer for Intellectual Property Law“. To ensure that this remains that way, I regularly attend training courses.


Applications of trademarks and designs

I register trademarks and designs for you at national and international offices. If you want to know whether "your" trademark is still available, I will be happy to check it for you.

Drafting, examination and negotiation of contracts

Whether license agreement, publishing contract, management contract, contracts for gigs, general terms and conditions - no matter what you want or need to be put in a contract, I take care of the paperwork.


Not everything can be managed amicably. When push comes to shove, I can represent you in court or in government agencies. Whether it's a lawsuit, injunction, opposition or cancellation proceedings.

Examination of warning notices

I check written warnings for you and recommend strategies for dealing with the warning. I formulate the cease-and-desist declaration for you and help you to comply to legal obligations. And if your case goes to court, I will fight for your right.

Examination of claims, slogans and campaigns

Your campaign violates rights of competitors and has to be canceled? Not necessarily. I accompany you in the creative process and check if everything is in accordance with the law.

Intellectual property defence

What is a trademark, a design, copyright or a work title worth, if these are not respected by others. If third parties infringe your intellectual property, I will help you to enforce your rights.

Advice on product labelling

A large number of german and european standards regulate the labelling of products. I will help you to determine the necessary and permissible labels for your product.

Enforcement and defence of claims

I help you with unpaid invoices or if you receive unjustified bills.


Leave your problem here!

There are things in life, others should handle - as you wish, leave your problem here and I will take care of it.

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